Nature in Oku Nikko

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Nature in Oku Nikko

The area up the Iroha-zaka slope road is called Oku Nikko, where a wide variety of environments are concentrated. Located on the boundary of Pacific-type weather and Japan Sea-type weather and with elevations from about 900 m to 2,500 m, the area has lakes, waterfalls, rivers, forests, and vast marshes. the area is habitat for various animals and plants adapted to the respective environments.
The area has many visitors every year, providing a place for natural experiences, such as appreciation of seasonal flowers and autumn leaves, hiking, authentic mountain climbing, tours visiting waterfalls, bird watching, and fly fishing.

  • Ryuzu Falls (in spring)

    Ryuzu Falls
    (in spring)

  • Odashirogahara (in summer)

    (in summer)

  • Lake Yunoko (in autumn)

    Lake Yunoko
    (in autumn)

  • Frozen Lake Yunoko (in winter)

    Frozen Lake Yunoko
    (in winter)

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